What our clients are saying

“Martin PM was very good to work with ****** was 100% attentive to our needs and questions etc. Our experience with Martin PM was excellent”

John F - Tenant

“Martin Property Management has been a great team to work with! Since the day we signed our lease, they were in contact ensuring we had a smooth and efficient move in. Since moving in, they have been quick answer any questions and help out as needed.”

Tom S - Tenant

“We moved into our apartment in July, and I’ve had a great experience with them. Sophia and Scott were a great resource when we had questions or needed clarification. After moving in, we compiled a list of what needed fixing and the maintaining crew has been responsive and fixed every issue. Would recommend!”

Emma B - Tenant

“We had such a pleasant experience moving into our new place! We were even given a welcome basket with all the move in essentials. We felt so welcomed and everyone has been very helpful”

Katharine K - Tenant

“Great experience with Martin Property Management team! Sophia did an awesome job with our move-in and preparing our new home in Bedford!”

Medhi B - Tenant

“Very communicative, helpful when it comes to our questions and any repairs that need to be done around the property. They are understanding and easy to work with!”

Sophia S - Tenant

“I have had an excellent experience with Scott and his team renting my apartment. Scott and Arleen are readily available to answer questions, extremely professional, logical and know what they are doing.
They have helped me navigate couple of not so favorable situation in my first year in renting. I have hired them for second consecutive year now and hope to continue growing this partnership.
In addition, they are very timely with monthly payments, yearly tax forms and rental agreements.
I would highly recommend Martin property management.”

Saurabh R - Owner

“Martin Property Management has been managing our rental property with effective management skills in meeting, and often exceeding, the tenant's inquiries and dealing with any urgent issues. Our property manager owns their small business, but they are big enough in meeting the tenant and owner's needs. I believe this is due to their many years of experience in property management. The best part worth mentioning is that it is easy in obtaining the incremental and consolidated income as well as expense reports online which become very handy during filing of the tax returns.

We wholeheartedly recommend Martin Property Management to any property owners if you are looking to fully outsource your responsibilities in renting out your property.”

Asis C - Owner

“We've worked with Scott and Co for almost 6 years on multiple properties. We've consistently had very strong support from their whole team, even through some difficult episodes. Highly recommended for property management.”

Chris W - Owner

“Their tenant, monetary and troubleshooting are professional and so easy that I barely lift a finger. Would recommend.”

Marc N- Owns rental property in Andover, MA

“Highly professional on every level. Have used for 14 years and can recommend very strongly.”

Rider M- Owns rental property in Watertown, MA

“Scott was the clear choice. He was very professional, knowledgeable and proactive. It was obvious he knew the business, area, market and had a great team available for whatever problem our property could pose.”

John P- Owns rental property in Watertown, MA

“Top team and top service. Sharp, on time and effective.”

Medhi B- Tenant

“Martin PM was very good to work with ****** was 100% attentive to our needs and questions etc. Our experience with Martin PM was excellent.”

John F- Tenant

“Martin Property Management has been a great team to work with! Since the day we signed our lease, they were in contact ensuring we had a smooth and efficient move in. Since moving in, they have been quick to answer any questions and help out as needed."

Tom S- Tenant

“The biggest takeaway beyond value is that I trust Scott, even when I'm living thousands of miles away. I strongly recommend Scott for both tenant and landlord satisfaction.”

Matthew K- Owns rental properties in Woburn, Malden & Wakefield, MA

“My family and I moved to Europe on a multi-year assignment for my company. It is now over two years since I began working with them and the experience has been fantastic. They do all the work to ensure that we are positioned to make as informed decisions as possible through every step of the process. In our two years, our home has been successfully rented every month.”

Timothy O- Owns Rental Property in Andover, M

“We’ve been with Martin Property Management since 2018 and Scott and his team have been exceptional. The team has eliminated the stress and uncertainty associated with being a landlord.”

Richard & Taona E- Owns rental property in Bedford, MA

"You can't place a price on peace of mind.  As a military member stationed thousands of miles away from my rental property, Martin Property Management affords me this peace of mind.  His professionalism, timeliness, and attention detail are exemplary.  I know that my property is in the hands of excellent management.  Keep up the outstanding work!"

Owner- Major Leroy Doby Chelmsford, Ma

”My roommate and I rented from Martin Property Management, LLC this past year. During this time, any problem that had arisen was promptly addressed and fixed to our satisfaction. He was attentive to detail, professional and most importantly he was available for all questions and concerns. For these reasons, I would enthusiastically recommend Scott to family and friends, for both landlords and tenants. Thank you Scott for such a stress free rental process - We loved the apartment!"

Legia Pisinkski- tenant from south Boston

"We were impressed with MPM since we made the first phone call.  We moved to MA from out of state and needed to find a home. We worked with MPM through our realtor and were able to talk one day, visit the home the next day, and literally had the keys the day after. Scott was so willing to bend over backwards for us. There were some issues noted in the lease agreement to have fixed or repaired.  Everything was completed well ahead of the time required and with highly competent and professional people. We've only had a couple of issues since we've moved in and have been very impressed with the reaction and response time of MPM. They have always made sure the job was taken care of as soon as possible, which means our family has been taken care of!"

Jeff and Leslie- Tenants in Chelmsford

We were fortunate to find Martin Home   Management because they took care of all the stresses related to managing our home from a distance.  They are very professional and diligent and provide great and prompt service to our renters.  I would recommend them to any home owner looking for professional property managers.

Owner- Andy Sassine

"Martin Property Management, LLC has been an exceptional group to work with.  They have done a great job managing my property including finding quality tenants, getting the property ready for move-in, collecting rents, and periodic inspections.  I especially love how responsive they are to the tenants.  Whenever there is a question or issue, Scott Martin jumps on it and solves it.  He does the same with my questions as an owner, including helpful suggestions for being a good landlord and rental property owner.  Finally, Emily manages the finances perfectly with timely deposits of rents and great online tools to support tax preparation.  I'm looking forward to them managing my current property and others I purchase for years to come!"

Owner- Vinay Kodavatiganti

"I got aquatinted with Martin Property Management, LLC earlier this year when looking for an apartment. As a young professional I did not have an endless amount of time to be looking for the right place. Martin Property Management, LLC was able to expedite getting into the property once we chose the right one and set up online accounts so that we could pay bills easily. Everything is put together in a professional manner so that you feel complete peace of mind, and the fact that you are dealing with a company versus a homeowner keeps the processes unemotional is the best way possible. Whether is the auto-payment you can set up with your bank account, or the ease of getting in touch with the company I would highly recommend Martin Property Management, LLC when choosing your next home."

Tenant- Daniel Oven

"I've been using Martin Property Management, LLC for one year, and have been very impressed with this company. They have been excellent in assessing the maintenance needs of the large historic house they manage for us, and then following thru with professional and cost-conscious professionals when needed. Plus their people skills are excellent. They're reliable and smart and always available. I would recommend to anyone and am happy to discuss their merits at length. TJR McDowell, Watertown, Mass."

Owner- Rider McDowell

"I have been very pleased with the service and prompt responses of Martin home mgt. this service has def'ly made it easy to manage my own household and have the house we are renting running smoothly and effectively. You've all been timely and easy to work with, and have worked around my crazy schedule with kids! 

Owner- Lisa Kesselman

"I own an investment property in the area and managing it was becoming more and more difficult and time consuming.  When I contacted Scott Martin about management options he was responsive, professional and willing to help in anyway he could.  Between Scott working with the tenants directly and Emily Martin handling all the accounting/billing it has worked out great.  I would not hesitate to have them manager additional properties in the future."

Owner- Thomas Brawley

"Martin Property Management, LLC has been great. We love our apartment! It is beautiful and very well taken care of. When any issues arise, they are very quick to respond and great to work with."

Rocio- tenant in South Boston

"Scott has been our property manager for almost a year now. We had more than a "fair share" of unexpected events and problems with our house, and he handled every single issue with a professionalism that goes above and beyond. From the very beginning he has been making everything as easy and convenient for us as possible, and has been accommodating us every step of the way. Every time I call him he is there or returns my call within minutes. When I send him a text, he responds within seconds! I wish everyone I have to work with or deal with was like Scott."

Tenant- Szilvia Culbertson Andover, Ma

"There have a been a few instances in which I would say that Martin Property Management, LLC has responded to our needs in a very timely manner.    We had only been in our home for a few months when we noticed a leak under our sink.   We stopped using the dish washer as we learned it was coming from when the dishwasher was running.    Scott was reaching out to both my husband and myself just to touch base on how things were going and I had mentioned we stopped using the dish washing and within a day a maintenance person was out to look at the unit.  It was determined it did need to be replaced and we had a new dishwasher installed within days.   Another instance of how responsive this Management team is was when we lost heat this past fall.  It was not quite too cold out yet, but when we went to turn on the heat (after using it a few times already in the late fall ) it did not turn on.  We called Scott to let him know it was a problem but not anything critical as it was not that cold out that evening.  Within an hour there was a maintenance worker out to the house working on the heater.   All it needed was a small part to be replaced and we had heat that evening within a few hours.   Scott even called to ensure we were all set and comfortable for the night.   Both Scott and Emily are always pleasant to talk to and they are not just the property management team that “collects our rent” we consider them compassionate folks that care about our well being and happiness living in the homes they manage."

Traci Betancur- Tenant

"I am happy to share that I have been indeed pleased with the responsiveness and can-do attitude that I have experienced in my interactions so far with Scott and Martin Home Mgmt. They maintain clean properties, response to problems (if any) is quick.

Multiple ways to get in touch, pay bills and setup appointments etc. I like the scheduled property inspections, follow ups etc. Very professional approach in operations yet courteous and personal in interaction.

I would highly recommend friends/colleagues to work with Martin Property Mgmt"

Supreet Dangore- Tenant

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